Art Quest School of Fine Art

913 Company Street, Wetumpka, AL 36092
Artist / Instructor P. Hope Brannon

Our Philosophy


At Art Quest, we believe each person possesses artistic ability and has the capacity to be creative. We know that in order to create we must make connections through the visual arts to the world at large, and that those connections should emphasize the unique perspective of every individual.  Art Quest offers opportunities to create works of art, acquire new skills, and experiment with various media. Courses are geared toward creative problem solving and experimentation. All Programs are intended to either begin or expand upon our students’ abilities. At Art Quest we know that every student has the capacity to:

Think creatively,

Pursue intellectual curiosity,

Acquire the techniques and tools necessary for                                 creation in the visual arts,

Increase self-confidence & self-esteem by engaging in                         the creative process.

Art students will make the most of their abilities in a caring and secure environment, which affords them the freedom and confidence to achieve their potential. All courses emphasize the elements and principles of art, teach a variety of basic to advanced techniques, media and processes, and embrace creativity and problem solving.


With an emphasis on the commitment to a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning, the curriculum includes: aesthetics, art production, art history, art criticism, application of the elements and principles of art, creativity and individuality in projects, appropriate behaviors and citizenship, appropriate work ethic and attitudes of learning in visual art.  For the purposes of education students are introduced to a variety of artists, styles of art or periods of art history.  Concurrently, Art Quest students learn to think individually, intellectually, with honesty and students will not copy the work of any other artist, as this constitutes plagiarism.